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About Code Damn

Codedamn full-stack web developer learning path covers everything you need to know for becoming a great full-stack developer. This includes the latest industry-specific content, hands-on practice projects and high-quality courses from industry experts.

In this post, I am going to share Codedamn Coupon Code.

Codedamn full-stack web developer learning path covers everything you need to know for becoming a great full-stack developer in 2021. This includes the latest industry-specific content, hands-on practice projects and high-quality courses from industry experts.

You can use this coupon code to get discounts on codedamn courses.

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How to Apply Codedamn Discount Coupon?

How to use codedamn discount coupon code?

codedamn referral page

1. Open the discount coupon link

First, open the discount link by clicking on “GET THE BEST DEAL” Button, and then you will be redirected to codedamn website where you see that the discount got applied.

2. Select the course to buy

Coding ninjas provides many courses, select the course and plan you want to purchase. Then proceed to checkout.

3. Buy the course at discount

On the checkout, you will see the coupon code is already applied. You just need to purchase the course now.

Content Outline

FAQs | Codedamn Coupon Codes

🤷‍♂️ How can codedamn here help me?

Codedamn is a new platform built for learning programming interactively. We know programming is not a trivial task that can be built only through endless video watching. Therefore, we build a platform from ground up where you watch, practice and build projects - right inside your browser. Our courses are interactive and 100% hands-on.

🤷‍♂️ What technologies to learn?

For frontend, there are only three core technologies you have to know about - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On top of this, we introduce a layer of abstraction through a lot of libraries and frameworks.

For backend, we will be covering the Node.js + GraphQL tech stack alongside MongoDB and Redis for database and caching. We will also look into Server Side Rendering with Next.js. We will build production ready projects and you would have the option to use them for your resume or portfolio.

We will finally learn how to deploy these things properly on cloud providers like AWS and Vercel. At the end there would be a full-stack certification exam to test out your knowledge and grant you the final certificate of completion for the full-stack learning path.

We pick an opinionated (production ready + relevant today) tech stack in the learning path above. We go deep into this tech stack on our full stack learning path above.

🤷‍♂️ What is a full stack web developer?

A full stack developer = frontend + backend + databases + CI/CD + OS/cloud knowledge.

This might seem like a lot of tasks but it is possible to learn these things from the full-stack path we have above.

A full stack developer is a software engineer who can ideally build and deploy medium to large size applications end to end, from frontend to backend to databases. Let's take a look at all technologies you'll need in this adventure of yours.

🤷‍♂️ Why should I use coding ninjas coupon code?

To be honest, Codedamn courses are bit expensive for any normal Indian student. Their courses price costs around Rs 10,000 on average. Which is really high, so you can use codedamn coupon code to get 50% discount on the courses.

🙋‍♀️ What is the maximum discount I can get in course?

You can get maximum of 50% Discount on codedamn courses

🙋‍♂️ How much time will it take me to become full-stack?

It will definitely take you more than one month and less than 3 years.

If you put average of 3 hours daily in your learning/practicing, I would estimate that you will be a good full-stack developer in about 4-6 months of time and a great developer in 9-10 months.

🤔 Can I use more than 1 coupon code at a time?

No, you can only apply 1 coupon during course purchase.

🤔 How codedamn is different from other platforms?

Codedamn is better and different from other platforms as it provides quality content along with projects to practice with and all that code can be written in the website itself. You don't need to refer to other website or install any other software to build website and practice projects.

Courses Provided By Codedamn

  1. Internet Fundamentals
  2. HTML/CSS Fundamentals
  3. Advanced HTML5/CSS3 Concepts
  4. JavaScript Essentials
  5. Practice JavaScript with 10+ Projects
  6. Advanced Practical JavaScript
  7. Using DevTools
  8. Version Control System
  9. NPM and Yarn
  10. React Fundamentals
  11. React Query for network requests
  12. Advanced React Hooks
  13. Advanced React Concepts
  14. Advanced Theoretical JavaScript
  15. 5 React Projects
  16. Testing Code
  17. Linux Fundamentals
  18. Node.js Fundamentals
  19. MongoDB + Node.js
  20. MongoDB  + JWT + Node.js
  21. Caching with Redis

Different Plans of codedamn courses

    • Free: With the free plan you can the basic like HTML, CSS and basic Javascript. You can watch all the videos and also practice in the playground.
    • Pro: With pro plan you can access everything on the website. All the videos, practice questions. You will also earn certificate after course completion.
    • Lifetime Access:  This includes everything provided in pro membership with additional lifetime access.

What are the features of codedamn?

    • Full Stack Certification from codedamn
    • Free Trial: Codedamn provides a free trial of their course, so that you can see for yourself if their course suits you or not?ok.
    • Course Syllabus: The course content is designed keeping in mind for every student. From basic to advance everything is covered including projects and assignments for each topic.
    • Future content updates: for free
    • Up to date content relevant in 2021
    • Learn by doing : Interactive content with projects
    • Moneyback guarantee: 14-day full refund

Codedamn Coupon Codes | Conclusion

Codedamn provides the best quality web development course. Use this codedamn coupon code to get discounts on their courses.

I hope you like these Codedamn coupons & promo codes.

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Vikash Kumar
Vikash Kumar
Read More
Codedamn coupon code was a lifesaver for me because I really wanted to learn web development but couldn't afford to enrol in the course due to the cost. I can't thank level up college enough for providing me with the coupon.

Thanks to level up college, I am now able to purchase codedamn pro membership at a significantly reduced cost.
Harsh Mittal
Harsh Mittal
Read More
I cannot express my gratitude to level up college for providing me with a codedamn coupon code; I desired to learn web development but was unable to do so due to the course's cost.

Thanks to level up college, I am now able to purchase codedman pro at a very inexpensive price.
Kunal Singh
Kunal Singh
Read More
The codedamn pro coupon you provided was exactly what I needed. I've always wanted to learn web development with codedamn but couldn't afford the cost of the codedamn course until now.

Level up college has allowed me to purchase codedamn pro for much less price than before.
Content Quality
Up to date content

Codedamn provides best updated course for anyone interested in learning web development. It also includes projects to practice the concepts which can be practiced in the website itself. The amount of effort put in creating content and managing website to improve user experience is amazing!

Highly Recommended to learn web development!


₹ 999

Jayprakash Mahto

Jayprakash Mahto

Jayprakash is a full-stack developer, and has been practising web development from last 4 years.

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