Codedamn Review: Best Web Dev Course in 2022?

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Looking back at the world of the internet, and then stumbling upon a course that looks really fine, why not join in? But your mind is racing and your heart is fluttering, Just like we all experience the feeling of anxiety and sudden dismay taking us over, and why shouldn't it? The fine-tuned information can be overwhelming for all of us. That's where we step in, hold your hand and guide you through, alleviating your concerns. The unbiased and honest review on the internet of Codedamn School, where you get to see and inspect the choices of your future.

Let's dig into what they have for us.

Short Review:

In my experience, codedamn is an incredibly effective tool for learning how to code and building skills as a programmer and developer. I learned web development on codedamn, along with doing some amazing projects.

I've used other courses from different websites, But codedamn is much easier to use and actually is beneficial as we can code after learning theory in the website itself.

What is Code Damn?

Codedamn is an online web development learning platform where you can learn everything related to web development.

They say, “Thousands of people learn full-stack web development with practice labs and project building without leaving the browser. Become a hireable developer in a few months.”

What is different in Code Damn?

  • Structure Content: A crystal clear structure of things to learn to become a full-stack developer. Industry relevant projects + in-browser hands-on exercises + top instructors/mentors is the best way to learn today.

What people say about code damn?

“You can't beat it for the price! You get support, videos, exercises, projects, playground, roadmaps for whatever you want to study. Take out all the fluff and just work in what you really need to learn.”

Shawn Hinton, Software Developer & Pro member

Features of code damn

  • Industry experts teaching best quality content
  • Hands-on-keyboard practice projects included
  • Certification of completion for every course
  • Unlimited access – no content expiry
  • Future content updates for free
  • Moneyback guarantee – 14 day full refund
  • Code Playground practice everything from site itself

Services at Codedamn

The interesting part that codedamn offers as you browse in is the varied courses they offer, along with the interesting tagline saying videos are old school, how true is that we definitely need to parse it.


They offer various coding courses that are needed for the current world, to build something that is within you but you do need someone to sharpen those skills for you.

The courses they offer are

  1. Complete Full-stack Web development Course 

It is further split into individualized courses for the customers to make them adept in coding practices.

  1. Frontend Learning path
  2. Backend Learning path

According to everyone's needs, they also do ensure that you get the complete package.

Topics Covered in the course

Codedamn full-stack web developer learning path covers everything you need to know for becoming a great full-stack developer in 2021. This includes the latest industry-specific content, hands-on practice projects and high-quality courses from industry experts.

  1. Internet Fundamentals
  2. HTML/CSS Fundamentals
  3. Advanced HTML5/CSS3 Concepts
  4. JavaScript Essentials
  5. Practice JavaScript with 10+ Projects
  6. Advanced Practical JavaScript
  7. Using DevTools
  8. Version Control System
  9. NPM and Yarn
  10. React Fundamentals
  11. React Query for network requests
  12. Advanced React Hooks
  13. Advanced React Concepts
  14. Advanced Theoretical JavaScript
  15. 5 React Projects
  16. Testing Code
  17. Linux Fundamentals
  18. Node.js Fundamentals
  19. MongoDB + Node.js
  20. MongoDB  + JWT + Node.js
  21. Caching with Redis

Projects on codedamn

Projects is a practical and hands-on way to reinforce your learnings from learning paths. Best projects are automatically added to your codedamn developer portfolio.

  1. Astral Portfolio Page: A simple and minimal portfolio page for you built in HTML5 + CSS3. You will learn how to create a portfolio page with your social media icons and links.
  2. Eventually – Stunning HTML5 Landing Page: A simple and minimal landing page built in HTML5 for a pre-launch to collect email addresses. You will learn about background images and building a deployable landing page in this project.
  3. Multiverse HTML5 Photo Gallery Project: A photo gallery website with a popup photo functionality. This will test your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. All the designs are available inside the project.
  4. Editorial HTML5 Blog Project: Editorial/personal blog template built with HTML5 and CSS3. This project will test your skills in CSS and layouts.
  5. HTML5 Massively Landing Page: This challenge will be a perfect test of your layout and responsive skills. There's a tiny bit of JS for the mobile menu, but the focus is HTML & CSS.

How much time will it take me?

Honestly, this is something only you will know. A few important points:

  • It will definitely take you more than one week to learn this.
  • If you put average of ~2-3 hours daily, I would estimate that you will be a good full-stack developer in about 4-6 months of time and a great developer in 9-10 months.

Taking the first step is the hardest, but it's the most important step too.

How can codedamn here help me?

codedamn is a new platform built for learning programming interactively. We know programming is not a trivial task that can be built only through endless video watching. Therefore, we build a platform from the ground up where you watch, practice and build projects – right inside your browser. Our courses are interactive and 100% hands-on.

Why Codedamn is different?

The major difference that codedamn ensures its users are to use their hands and invest their time and energy in the learning practices, you don't have to sit in and just watch loads of long videos without having anything to get your hands dirty!

Interactive Playground

The most engaging and wonderful thing, that separates them from other coding platforms is the ability to do and build projects, and learn to code using experimentation. This in turn with help the students build strong problem-solving skills and also boost their confidence in fixing real-life engineering and software problems. 

A Learning map

The codedamn provides an experience that is strikingly different from other platforms, like building a guideline and integrating those in your life. You chose the programs that they plan ahead of you in time, so without further waste of time, and energy you know where to dive in and invest. In the case of an unguided route, it might be very hard for you to follow along and find courses in order to become skilled in coding. 

Combined Learning Opportunity

Codedamn course offers the experience where you can learn and build a community of learning with others, you can be on this joint venture where you experiment the coding practices with someone like you. The strong community of teachers and students makes you the better programmers of today. In this manner, you know who to ask a question from, this enables that help is almost always around the corner. They provide a discord community to share and learn and to finally grow together as a team.

Analyzes of Reviews

The analysis of reviews on other famous websites, where people who have actually taken this experience rate Codedamn, well it successfully a win! Codedamn secures a 5.0/5.0 rating, making it a trustworthy and worthwhile learning experience. The stars ensure that there is of course something in it that people are talking about it. Here is an attached image of the codedamn review from the product hunt.


Why you shouldn't go anywhere else here's why!

The answer to it is pretty, simple I guess, why will you? 

Codedamn provides you with everything all in one place. the guide to the playground, the support, and even the money that is not too much of an investment. The offer is just too good to be true. You get this complete package at the access of your home and internet. So nothing stops you from getting where you need to go. With nothing harming in the offers they are providing, codedamn courses are an investment that builds you the best version of yourself. So don't stop yourself, this is an opportunity you might not get over and again, avail it while you can. They believe in your abilities and so do we!

What is a full stack web developer?

A full stack developer = frontend + backend + databases + CI/CD + a bit of OS/cloud knowledge.

This might seem like a lot of tasks, but it is possible to learn these things. Let's start step by step.

A full-stack developer is a software engineer who can ideally build and deploy medium to large applications end to end, from frontend to backend to databases. Let's take a look at all technologies you'll need in this adventure of yours.

Best Pricing Advantage

One of the best things that separate them from other similar boot camps and coding courses is they offer a lot of courses that they give for free. Who does that now? Access to resources for the best of your interest and growth can be a great advantage in your overall learning process, so why not start now and take this, and chose the plan for your career absolutely free and master a skill you dream of! This gives you the advantage of analyzing the content of the course first for up to 10 hours a month!

What is the pricing of codedamn?

Pricing can be found on codedamn website.

It provides 3 different plans:

  1. Free:
  • 200 practice minutes/month
  • Access to basic interactive courses
  1. Free:
    • 200 practice minutes/month
    • Access to basic interactive courses
  2. Pro:
    • Unlimited access to all interactive courses
    • Unlimited access to all learning paths on codedamn
    • Unlimited practice time on playgrounds
    • Exclusive interview preparation practice access (beta)
  3. Pro Max:
    • Everything included in Pro
    • $40 of free mentorship credits every month
    • Connect to mentors over call/screenshare

Comparision to other sites

  • Coding Ninjas Vs Code Damn: Both sites provide all the features, except coding ninjas also provides doubt support and placement support. But it cost 4-5 times more than codedamn.
  • Codedamn vs udemy: In terms of lectures both are amazing, but udemy don't have a option for live coding, which makes codedamn better than udemy.

What is the difference between a course created on codedamn and a YouTube / Teachable / Udemy / Podia course?

Codedamn is built from ground up geared specifically for programming courses. Codedamn is NOT just a video-course hosting platform (although you can use it like that if you want)

Here are a few solid differences that you would feel when building a course on codedamn compared to other platforms:

  • Interactive exercises: Let's say you are building a course on Node.js + MongoDB. A simple YouTube playlist will only allow you to upload a video recording for the concept. On codedamn, however, you can build a fully interactive and evaluative lab for authentication with Node.js + MongoDB running inside the browser. Here's a quick example for that
  • White-labeled access: We understand that some people want to sell their work under their branding. Therefore, we allow you to sell your interactive courses completely white-labeled under your own domains/sub-domains.
  • Completely transparent: You own your user's data. We do not hide/restrict you from communicating with the users enrolled in your course. You can export the names, email list and follow up with them 1:1. At the same time, you get YouTube-dashboard-level insights into how people learn from your course.
  • No fees: We do not take any cut from your payments (except for transaction charges charged by card processors). If someone paid $25 for your course, you get $25 in your bank account.
  • Opt-in for codedamn promotion: If you're a creator who wants to get more traffic to your newly launched courses, our core team will help drive traffic to your course via our main site, our YouTube channel and our paid marketing efforts.

A little bump on the road

A slightly problematic thing about codedamn, that might stop an audience from registering is the availability of limited courses, but it isn't a pit hole. You are still paying for what you want to get. The other websites have options for UI/UX and Computer Vision and ML-related courses, but we sure are keeping an eye on those too as Codedamn might be expanding. For now, the developing fields might be pushed a little away but coding practices are still pretty much in the world, with the pandemic and the business shifting online you definitely need to hone these skills to mastery!

Can I get discount on codedamn?

Yes, Codedamn provides a 50% discount on their plan, when you use coupon. You can open this link to get 50% OFF.


So Is it worth getting into? We would say you sure need to, as to why will anyone miss out on something so amazing like this. The courses are in-depth, the guidance is top-notch and the skills they are trying to instill are the finest of what the world needs today! And you can provide those services, learn to get internships, and jobs, and even start your own software house or freelance work! These skills will take you far in the fields to excel and start something of your own, brand new!

Looking at the features it provides, quality and structured content. Codedamn provides the best pocket-friendly courses out there. I will highly suggest to give free trial a try, and if you like the course purchase the pro plan.

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