Toolzbuy Review: Is it a Yay or a Nay GroupBuy Service?

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A large number of service providers are out on there, with services that are nondescriptive and might not even work. The need to choose the right set of tools for your business, career, or job can be a lot, and the worse part about these service providers is that they offer zero trials. Once your money is gone it is gone for good. So do you think you can risk it all? Entrusting these services is pretty much like risking your career and handling it to them. 

This calls for a joint adventure to break down and analyze one such service provider, toolzbuy. 

Let's look at what they have for us.

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Benefits of Toolzbuy

What they are offering, might be a little out of the blue. There sure are many other service providers, but you must be wondering why them? Well, because they bring in a whole box of benefits in their services.

Constant Support System

They have a service where they ensure that they are here for you, they will be there on your days when you are muzzled, don't know what to do, or are bummed about a situation. The team is on their feet round the clock, making sure you get the best you need.

No Waiting Period

Oftentimes, after a subscription, you have to spend days waiting for approval, after your money is spent and the tools to be accessed there is a significant time barrier. The hours and days are not coming back and you definitely needed the tools right now for sure! So why not choose something that has immediate results and you need those results. So toolzbuy has all in it for you!

Maximum Uptime

The actual working time of a process, website well you, of course, need it to work all the time right? Toolzbuy ensures working services for up to 99% uptime, which means the pro features and the tools you have will be with you and working for you round the clock. This is a unique feature that most service providers lag. The connection disruption, auto-refresh, and change of domain and IPs often occur which can even cause loss of data and important unsaved work. This is a hustle no one would like to face. When you lose all the important design of your logo that secures your top-notch business deal or the template that you have been working on for hours. Let's not face the horrors and appreciate that you have toolzbuy services.

Nominal Price

In contrast to the other service providers, the prices are negligible to the services they are providing, which is a major plus. The services of Toolzbuy are way too many, like getting a deal of all those websites in something that you can easily afford and that too per monthly basis. The website's premium features do not cover even close to that amount and are in multiples of what toolzbuy brings for you.

What do they offer exactly?

Pack of Tools

Toolzbuy has three different sections of plans, based on your interest the packages are named according to the services they are providing.

  1. Lite Plan
  2. Advance Plan
  3. Pro Plan 
  4. Writer's Plan
  5. Designer's Plan

The Lite plan is for 299 INR/ month

The advance plan costs 549 INR/ month 

The Pro plan sums up to 449 INR/ month

Writer's Plan for 899 INR/ month

and the Designer's Plan for 499 INR/ month

The services vary depending on the websites they give access to, on a pro or premium basis. The main differences in the plans are the price and the number of websites they are offering services to. Writer's pack is exclusive for services related to typing, grammar, and spell check websites for the best interest of writers. A complete set to sharpen their writing careers.

Individual Plan

For plans according to your needs where you might be needing only one website for some project or your job, they offer individualised website hosting at different rates per month to fit your needs of the business.

They offer up to 20 plus websites where you can choose the ones you need. You call it and you have it!

Is there a dark side to the picture?

Well, it can't be all bright right? Toolzbuy tools are service providers that have a rating that is not quite the best. It portrays that the services they are providing might not be all rainbows and butterflies. The customer service review on trust pilot has a varied rating of either excellent or bad, it can be a little vile and extreme too.

Issues faced with uptime

Some are claiming that the services provided actually do not have a 99% uptime, but they can't stand false advertising can they? 

It can just be some angry internet users who might be having a bad day with toolzbuy.

Security Issues

Toolzbuy doesn't authenticate security certificates or claims of providing foolproof security for the websites they are providing, which can be alarming and can make a lot of users insecure, sensitive, and scared of cases like data breaches. These concerns can be a lot and can be a pretty solid reason for buyers to be not interested.

Bad Connection

The connection disruption can take a toll on your mood and destroy the working pace, It can be pretty frustrating and annoying, some users have actively mentioned that the connection breakage is a big flaw they are facing with toolzbuy.

What to do now?

We suggest you give it a try, because how bad can it be? The prices are nothing as compared to the services, besides most of the reviews are of people breaking their customer code and things clearly mentioned which they don't tolerate. So we definitely suggest you buy a plan of your choice, experiment, and give your career a new height that it is craving for a long!

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