Coding Minutes Review: Lowest Price DSA Courses

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Coding Minutes Provides Pocket-friendly courses with interactive content, top-notch instructors, TA support, Projects & Assignments.

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What is coding minutes?

Coding Minutes provides top-notch learning content and on-demand programming skills covering programming languages, data structures & algorithms, competitive programming, machine learning, and full-stack web development. Our industry-vetted curriculum is organised about online specialised courses which cover both breadth and depths of various technical topics. Our courses are highly practical and include video lectures, coding challenges, project files and a refreshing learning experience.

Coding Minutes was started with a mission to provide affordable & high-quality coding education for everyone. With Udemy as our technology partner, we wish to bring all our courses with top-notch content to our students at pocket-friendly prices with lifetime access.

What are the courses coding minutes provides?

What are the features of coding minutes courses?

  • Intuitive & Detailed Explanations
  • HD Videos + Crystal Clear Audio
  • Practice Exercises, Real-Time Feedback
  • Lifetime Access, Pocket Friendly
  • Industry vetted curriculum
  • Completion Certificate

What do students say?

  • I was preparing DS and Algorithms for a few years now on and off. But this is well structured and upon the proper practice of all the patterns explained in this video's curriculum one can crack a coding interview and develop a good problem-solving nature (by practice). Thank you Coding Minutes & Prateek Bhai!
  • I am an intermediate-level programming enthusiast. I have been practicing data structures and algorithms for a year and have acquired resources from here and there to study DSA and improve problem-solving. However, I had never come across such quality content as in this course by Prateek Bhaiya. This is a masterpiece and if you want to level up your programming and problem-solving skills.
  • This course by Prateek Bhaiya is amazing, IF you are someone who has done the basics of DS that is till Arrays and Recursion. This is the best course you could have asked for, with interesting problems and way more interesting discussions on them. Have not found any course like this. Much love to Prateek bhaiya for doing this!

What is the course duration?

You can complete the course in 1.5 – 2 months. The course has lifetime validity, so you can watch the videos whenever required for revision!

What are the pre-requisites for the course?

Basics of C++ and a basic idea of data structures is expected for this course. Coding minutes is planning to work on other Courses which will also cover these basics.

Is it better than coding ninjas?

I believe coding ninjas courses are much better explained and provide you with more features than coding minutes, But it doesn't cost very much compared to coding minutes.

If you want quality material and extra features like Live TA support, Placement Support, 1:1 Mock Interviews etc., then go for coding ninjas. And if you don't have that much money to spend, you can consider coding minutes and start learning! You can read the coding ninjas review here.

What is the price of courses?

The course cost very little compared to other platforms, and It cost just Rs 490.

Can I get discount on courses?

Yes, You can use this link to get a 15% Discount on courses.


If you want to ace data structures and algorithms, definitely you should take this course. The best part is coding minutes also provides TA support. So, overall it is worth investing little money in their courses if you can't afford coding ninjas courses.

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